The Perfect Personalised Pandora Gift

Its Bonfire/fireworks night which means sparkle, colour and prettiness, which is why I wanted my next post to be about Pandora. Processed with VSCO with a5 presetWhose with me in saying they absolutely love a personal gift? Because I mean I do. It’s so nice to receive a gift and be able to see the amount of thought and effort that a person has put into getting something meaniful for you. Sometimes it even makes me emotional, knowing that someone cares that much for you.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetI don’t even think its even about just receiving personal gifts because I absolutely love buying someone a gift and thinking yes they are going to absolutely love that. That’s what lead me to here… I was sorting out my jewellery and was sat looking at my Pandora bracelet and how special it is to me. It made me realise that my Pandora bracelet is probably one of my most prized possession, not because it is a fairly expensive piece of jewellery but because of the memory it holds.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetI literally sat staring at my Pandora bracelet and all it’s charms and I could literally explain who bought me what charm (including charms I’ve bought myself) and why. I received my Pandora bracelet on my 18th Birthday three years ago and since then it has been filled up with the most beautiful charms that all hold a significant memory for me. Even the bracelet itself it significant to me because my boyfriend bought it for me and treated me to the silver bracelet with the gold clasp (eek) as a special 18th present.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThis is why I think Pandora have hit the nail on the head and have effectively monopolised the market. They provide such a range of jewellery and charms, that it is hard to see why anyone wouldn’t like it. They also provide a charm for pretty much every occasion you could think of!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetPandora also provide a range of pieces in different price brackets to appeal to everyone. I love that you can get silver, gold and rose gold jewellery and mixes of the three such as silver with gold etc. Pandora also periodically bring out different collections throughout the year such as at Christmas and recently launched a Disney collection, which I can only imagine is super popular! You can also get Pandora charms that are personal to where you are in the world that you can’t get anywhere else, I mean if that’s not special I don’t know what is. I have a sombrero from Mexico (which is the coolest thing ever) and a NYC heart from New York!

a1a93a9e-c7d2-43e6-9bcc-10fc8e528c57.jpgIt just feels so special to have a Pandora bracelet and I love looking down and seeing how pretty mine looks on my wrist. One of my favourite things about Pandora though is that you can mix and match or double up. If you wanted to change out charms you can and if you want to wear two bracelets or a metal and fabric bracelet together you can.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThat’s why I think Pandora makes the perfect personalised present. You can literally buy that special someone something that they will love and that means something to them. I know when I receive a charm it means the world to me because that person has thought about exactly what I would want. My best friend surprised me this year by buying me a charm that had my name and birthday engraved on it and it was honestly the sweetest gift ever!


If you are stuck for ideas on what to buy a loved one for their birthday or for Christmas which is upcoming, I would definitely suggest going online or in store to Pandora as you will definitely find the most perfect personalised gift within your price range! Pandora prices vary anywhere between around £30 and upward so there really is something to suit everyone.

90c6a7dd-b48a-43e4-8f6b-2dc36555d4d7.jpgIf you are interested in buying any jewellery from Pandora I will pop the link below:

Pandora Website 

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