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Processed with VSCO with a5 presetTomorrow I will be back at it, back to uni and back to working hard again. I have had such a lovely break from uni celebrating Christmas and the New year but I really didn’t want it to end. I suppose all good things come to an end, so now it is time to get stuck into 2018 and what better way to do that than to buy new stationary to help you along the way!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetI was lucky enough to receive some really lovely stationary bits for Christmas that I thought were amazing and things you would love to see. I love getting new stationary as it makes me feel put together and ready to take on anything, it’s even better if the stationary is pretty!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetI was so excited when I opened up some rose gold bits (you all know how much I love rose gold). The first things I received where some rose gold paper clips in a beautiful glass jar with rose gold lid and some rose gold and marble binder clips, again in a glass jar with rose gold lid. The pots are both from Sainsbury’s and they are so cute, they would definitely look perfect sat on a desk or if you are like me as well as using these I will definitely be using them as props for my blog!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThe next thing I received, again from Sainsbury’s, was a marble and rose gold weekly planner. I absolutely loved this not only is it beautiful, but something I had never thought to buy myself before. I have always loved the idea of having a weekly planner but never got round to buying myself one, so when I opened this I was so pleased. I will definitely be putting this to use straight away, as it is so well laid out that it will be super easy to use.

58a8cd59-5adb-41cd-a38c-93e48e123aa91.jpgOnto the next thing, a beautiful teal/green notebook with gold detailing. I love the print on this notebook, although the word to describe it has escaped me. As a uni student notebooks are always necessary, however because I think this one is so pretty I have decided to use it to keep blog ideas and my blog post schedule in! This notebook is from Tiger, that really funky store that sells loads of cool random bits.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetTo go with the notebook I also received a set of ballpoint pens (yes I know this sounds boring) but they are really cool. There are 3 pens all with different patterns on them all in a hexagonal shape. One of the pens matches the notebook, one has a green and pink leaf print on it and one has an ombre blue effect on it (that matches a glass drinks jar that I also received!). These pens are also from Tiger.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetNot stationary but matches one of the pens I got so I thought I would mention it. I got a glass drink jar, not sure if they have an actual name, that has a blue ombre effect lid and a blue straw. It’s so cute and I am definitely going to have it next to me when i’m doing uni work or writing a new blog post.

487b880e-9758-473e-9306-76b5e9089bbb.jpgThe final bit of stationary I received was days of the week pencils, how cool! Even better though was the fact that included in the set was a ‘me-day’ pencil, which I will definitely be using! I’m one of those people who will have these pencils and will only be able to use the pencil that matches the day of the week (that’s how organised I am), but the me day pencil I will use when I need a stress free me day! I thought these pencils were so cute as they are all different colours but have a matching black rubber on top of all of them, so that they look like a set.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetAs you can tell by this rambly blog post I love new stationary and hope you have enjoyed hearing about the stationary I was lucky enough to be gifted at Christmas.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x


  1. January 7, 2018 / 10:34 PM

    I’m a massive lover of stationery too!! It’s my favourite thing to buy. Love those pens, and the copper paper clips would be so cute in blog photos xx

    • January 8, 2018 / 10:06 PM

      Ahh new pretty stationary is amazing makes me feel ready to face anything, also motivates me slightly more to work! xx

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