Kylie Cosmetics Transitional Looks

Happy Sunday, I’ve officially finished my first week as a working woman and although tired, I’ve had such a great week! I’ve been super busy so wearing makeup has been more of a ‘slap something on quick’ rather than spending time exploring new makeup and fun different looks.

However, when I have more time I like to make a bit more effort and having recently got some new makeup so I wanted to share some of my favourite transitional looks, seeing as Autumn seems to be on it’s way!

Kylie Cosmetics recently released the Summer Palette (which is $44, about £34), so I snapped it up and have been experimenting with the different colours. The palette comes in a bright yellow box and within it is the actual palette in a bright red case with yellow writing, it also has little bananas on the inside of the box, which is so cute.

The eyeshadow colours inside the box are equally as exciting. The palette comes with 14 square shades which range from shimmery golds to deep reds, there is even some burnt orange shades in there! I love this palette because you can create subtle day looks or dramatic evening looks that can take you through from summer to autumn.

I think my favourite thing about this palette is that it has four shimmer shades which are all completely different. I love to use the gold shimmer with the bronze shimmer to create a dramatic look. I then use one of the matte colours as a crease shade to enhance. As the remaining ten shades are all matte, it means it’s super easy to create more daytime looks whether you want quite a light look or a darker look that is all matte. All the shades in the palette are subtle pigmented and easy to apply. There is slight fallout when applying, however all the shades blend easily to create a flawless look.

Also if I choose to create a lighter look with the paler shades, I then pair it with my new liquid lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics. I basically bought this lipstick shade because it is called ‘Jordy’  (which is $27, about £20) and who doesn’t want a lipstick that is basically named after you?! However, it’s actually a beautiful raspberry coloured medium-dark pink which I wouldn’t usually choose for myself. Its a velvet matte, which dries down but feels light on the lips. ‘Jordy’ came with a liquid lipstick and a lipliner, both of which were super easy to apply. I wore this colour out of an evening and loved it, it stayed put and looked exactly the same at the end of the evening as it had at the beginning.

So there was have it, some of the makeup I have been loving recently. As summer turns to autumn, I am definitely going to be reaching for these products to create fun flawless looks. One thing I would say though if you are ordering from Kylie Cosmetics to the UK, is that although you can get free shipping if ordering over a certain amount, you will usually get hit with import taxes regardless which can be anything up from £20 (which is why I only order from Kylie Cosmetics sporadically).

Anyway, as always I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Also if you haven’t already, check out my social media as I use it to update you all on new blog posts!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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