The Cosy Outfit You Can Wear to Dinner

Jumper – Topshop Skirt – Forever 21 Knee High Boots – Fearlesss Leather Jacket – All Saints

We all know the feeling when you’ve planned to go out for dinner and you want to look nice while still being able to eat all the food. I tend to always have this dilemma where I feel I am choosing between my quite nice clothes and my comfy clothes… well not anymore. I have found a solution that I absolutely love.

My now go-to outfit for a dinner date is a slightly baggy cropped jumper tucked into a mini skirt with knee high boots to finish the look. You can also add a leather jacket or a bigger shearling jacket for more of a statement look.

The reason I say a baggy cropped jumper is because it’s nice and loose fitting but not so baggy that it drowns you. You can then also tuck the jumper into the skirt for a more sassy look. The jumper i’m wearing in the pictures is a light beige cropped jumper from Topshop, which is super soft and really flatters my petite frame. I feel like it would flatter a range of different body shapes as it falls really nicely and has been made out of just the right amount of fabric.

I chose a mini skirt from Forever 21 for this outfit because against the baggy jumper, it helps give you some shape and dresses up the outfit slightly. I personally chose a plain black skirt as I tend to wear quite monochrome colours and I felt black went perfectly with the light beige jumper. You could mix it up and choose more of a patterned skirt or a brighter colour if this is more your style.

In winter I love to wear knee high boots, I think they look really stylish and can be dressed up or down. As this is a dinner outfit, I decided to dress it up with heeled knee high boots from Fearlesss rather than flats. Again I chose black knee high boots for this outfit to match the skirt and contrast against the cropped jumper. I decided not to wear tights for this outfit to create more of a glam look, but if it is cold or you prefer wearing tights they would also look great with this outfit.

Finally to add the finishing touches to this outfit for more of a chilly night, I would either add a black leather jacket for more of an edgier look or a fluffy shearling jacket for a fashionable yet super warm and cosy look! And there you have it, a perfect outfit for a dinner date that means you look amazing while still being able to comfortably enough your food!

I would love to know what your go to dinner outfits are.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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