The Understated Christmas Party Outfit

Tis the season to go out and party! Which usually means dressing up in your best attire and partying the night away. I love this time of year and dressing up but I also struggle to find the perfect outfit for a dinner then dance event, that is understated and smart casual yet jazzy enough for Christmas!

This year though I think I’ve finally nailed it. Everyone has that one pair of nice black jeans that they save for going ‘out out’, so I decided to style them up. I love a pair of skinny black jeans with my two favourites being Jamie jeans from Topshop or a pair of skinny Levis. In this instance I styled the Jamie jeans up as they are slightly tighter around the ankle. Also neither of these two pairs of jeans have washed up and gone grey, they are still fully black and look pretty much brand new!

A couple of years ago I purchased a really lovely sheer black shirt from Urban Outfitters that gave me very sophisticated vibes, so I decided to pair this with the jeans. As the two items are of different textures but the same colour they complimented each other nicely and the shirt is quite baggy which contrasts nicely against the tight jeans. The shirt is very v-neck as well which is why I have covered up more on the legs. I love this shirt as it is great for a smart casual outfit.

As I have chosen two black items to form the main bulk of the outfit, I decided to jazz things up with my accessories. Although not too much as I only went for grey! I decided to choose a pair of velvet grey court shoes and a grey snake print small clutch/shoulder back to match this outfit. I feel these worked perfectly with the black outfit as I tend to match monochrome colours together (that’s just my style). I also think the mix of textures creates a more dressy outfit perfect for the festive season!

To jazz my outfit up even more I decided to add a focal point to the outfit – my Gucci belt! As it has quite a large stand out buckle but a black waistband it really helps to pull the outfit together. Obviously you can use any belt with a large buckle – it doesn’t have to be Gucci! Finally, my final statement piece of this outfit was a new pair of dangly silver earrings from topshop that have silver glittery stars on (perfect for a festive party!). As I had my hair quite sleek, the earrings stood out catching the light and lets be honest I love anything sparkly… I’m like a magpie!

There we have it, my perfect understated festive party outfit that has elements of glam within it! I love this outfit as a quick go to and tend to wear it quite a lot for different occasions! I’d love to know what your go to festive outfits are so I can build up a collection, i’m always on the look out for new styles.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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