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Bobbi Brown is a brand that has been around for years and years and has become a makeup staple for many people. However, it wasn’t really a brand I had ever tried before despite my mum regularly buying the products. IN hindsight I wish I had tried the brand sooner! It was Christmas when I discovered the brand having spotted some of their amazing Christmas packaging.

Bobbi Brown Highlight and Glow Palette

The product that first caught my eye was the Highlight and Glow Highlighting Powder Duo which has the most beautiful gold packaging that has sequins in it that move when you shake/move the product. It’s absolutely stunning! The products inside the palette are equally as beautiful with a light golden shimmery highlighter and a really pale pink shimmery blush.

Both products in the palette are absolutely stunning, giving a very pigmented pay off as well as leaving the skin with a healthy glow, perfect for winter time. I can’t wait to use and explore this product a bit more.

Highlight and Glow Palette

The other products that caught my eye were the Party Lips Mini Lip Colour Duo (Link to a similar product) and the Lip Crush Mini Crushed Lip Colour Kit. Both kits consist of mini lipsticks in a variety of different colours. All of the lipsticks are super creamy and again are very pigmented when applied on the lips. As the lipsticks are creamy they do feel hydrating on the lips, as well as giving a good colour pay off.

Bobbi Brown Christmas Collection
Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colours

I use a lipcote on top so I can’t say how long the lipsticks would last without it. However, with it the lipsticks only really need applying once throughout the day.

Best of Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Nude Lip Colours

As the lipsticks are mini it makes it really easy to try a range of different colours without having to pay a fortune. It meant I could really try out the brand and explore different products and colours. Having tried these products I have really started to love Bobbi Brown as a brand and cannot wait to try some of their other products. I’d love to hear which Bobbi Brown products you love!

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colours
Bobbi Brown Gift Sets

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