New In Mini Skincare Products

So I recently wrote a post about new in mini beauty products and I thought I would follow it up with a sequel about new in mini skincare products. These mini products have been revolutionary (okay slightly dramatic) for me, it has allowed my to try products and brands that I might not have had the opportunity to try.

I am a big fan of skincare but often begrudge spending large amounts of money on expensive products when I don’t know how well they will work with my skin. However, mini products give me the luxury of trying a range of different skincare and seeing how it reacts with my skincare before committing to a larger purchase.

Since trialling mini products I have been able to try brands such as Omorovicza, Ren, Fresh and Sarah Chapman. Omorovicza is a brand I’ve been interested in for a long time but have never made the leap into buying any of their products. I have tested one of their face masks which I loved and this time I got to try out their night cream. The night cream is dreamy! It feels so luxurious on your skin and I wake up the next day after using this and my skin feels soft and looks radiant!

Like I said in my new in beauty post, buying smaller products is a good way to save a little bit of money while still being able to try luxury skincare and create a skincare routine that works. It also allows you to try products from brands you already love!

As you all know I love Elemis and think their products are amazing. By trying smaller tester type products I was able to get my hands on Pro-collagen marine cream without having to fork out a small fortune on the large product. Although FYI this product is amazing and having tried it I would definitely upgrade to the full size.

As I already did a post similar to this on beauty products, I don’t want to harp on about the same things, you can head over to that post if you want to read more!

However, this skincare hack has been a saviour for me. I’ve really been able to work out which products work for me and which don’t. There is so much amazing skincare out there, so being able to try a large range of products is fun.

I also think it is good not to get stuck in a skincare rut. I personally feel it is good to shake up your skincare routine every now and then to help your skin feeling healthy all the time. It sounds silly but I feel products can feel like they aren’t working as much when you’ve used them for such a long time (this probably isn’t the case). However when refreshing your skincare you will always see results.

I won’t go on any longer, but I’d love to know what your skincare hacks are! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Also if you haven’t already, check out my social media as I use it to update you all on new blog posts!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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