The Wedding Journal: Finding Our Perfect Venue

I wrote my first Wedding Journal post a couple of weeks ago and i’m pleased to say i’m back with another venue edition because… we found our perfect venue!

My fiancé and I took last week off to spend the week immersed in wedding planning and that included finding our venue. I had used my favourite app Bride Book, to narrow down the venues we liked and wanted to visit. We decided we wanted to look at Cowdray House, Northbrook Park, Avington Park and Froyle Park.

We went to look at Cowdray House on the off-chance that they would be open and they were. Cowdray House is beautiful, set in rolling countryside with stunning outdoor areas, regal high ceilings and the most exquisite furniture. However, as beautiful as it was it also came with quite a hefty price tag for the time of year that we are looking to get married without any extras. So we decided to look elsewhere.

With the defeat of Cowdray House, I started to lose hope, however that was when I came across the three remaining venues on Bride Book. We booked in with Northbrook Park and Froyle Park which are sister hotels and headed down with some of our family.

First we went to Froyle Park and as we drove in I fell in love. The Jacobean House stood in the centre of luscious green land with a beautiful walk way up to the entrance where are grand water fountain stood. I instantly fell in love!

The inside did not disappoint either. The Great Hall has a huge chandelier hanging in the centre and is surrounded by old fashioned wood. The great ballroom is something else as well. As we walked through the corridor to the grand ballroom all we could see was beautiful white marble and huge chandeliers that carried on into the ballroom. It really was the perfect mix of classic and modern and exactly what I had hoped for!

After visiting Froyle Park, we then headed to their sister hotel Northbrook park. Again the drive up was stunning, with a huge lake out the front and beautiful views. The ceremony room was like the ballroom at Froyle, lots of beautiful white marble! We then walked through the walked gardens into the reception/ party room. The party room had a wooden floor, a hite fabric ceiling with chandeliers and then an exposed wall at the back with vines and fairy lights hanging down. It really was beautiful, however it wasn’t really our style we prefer something slightly more classic.

Having seen two beautiful venues, we headed over to look at the last venue on our list, Avington Park. Driving up to Avington was absolutely stunning, the driveway was adorned with huge trees on either side and the huge house was set in the middle of rolling countryside. The outside truly was breath taking.

However, when we went inside, although beautiful it felt more like a museum than a wedding venue. It was very old with regal pictures all over the walls and ceilings. Also you didn’t get use of the whole venue as half of it is private so you are effectively paying a lot of money for three rooms. It just wasn’t for us.

So the bit you’ve been waiting for. Which venue did we book? We decided to book Froyle Park because we both fell in love with it and it is exactly what we wanted! It truly is the most beautiful wedding venue and we cannot wait to tie the knot there!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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