The Wedding Journal: Finding My Perfect Wedding Dress

The wedding dress… one of the most important parts of the wedding day, for the bride anyway! After getting engaged one of the parts of wedding planning I was most excited about was trying on and finding the perfect wedding dress.

I had always dreamed of having that bridal boutique experience of trying on different dresses while sipping on prosecco. I actually managed to find and fall in love with my dress in the second shop I visited which was a shock to me considering I had been super fussy with the dresses I liked up to now.

I’ll start with the first shop I visited. Although I didn’t find the dress in this shop, I was able to narrow down the styles that I liked. When I went, I took my parents and my maid of honour. We went into the shop, which was actually quite small and I was able to flick through a brochure with the bridal assistant and pick out all the dresses I liked.

The shop were very good and let me try on as many dresses as I like (I mean between like 15-20!). However, it felt very rushed and I was in and out of the changing room quicker than you would believe! It felt a bit like a conveyor belt. It also felt like the shop were trying to get a sale out of me and wanted me to go for one of their dresses rather than actually help me find the one. So although their dresses where nice, I didn’t find the one and also I think it’s as much about the experience as it is finding the dress. There were definitely pros and cons to my first bridal experience!

Onto my second bridal experience where I found the one. The second shop I visited was called Truly Bridal of Surrey and I honestly had the best experience there! Melanie and Paige made me feel so at home and couldn’t do enough to help me find the one.

When I saw the shop, I knew I was going to love it. They have the most beautiful flower display adoring the window and the inside of the shop is stunning. A huge light and airy room filled with stunning dresses and a beautiful full length mirror sat at the end.

When I went in, I was given time to browse the shop and have a look and feel of all the dresses I liked. It was so much fun! I was then able to pick three as a starting point to try on. I chose the three that I was immediately drawn to and was then taken into the most beautiful grey dressing room with plush carpets, delicate seating and a huge mirror up against the centre wall, it was amazing!

I was then helped into the dresses before walking back into the main shop to show my mum and maid of honour. Melanie and Paige couldn’t have been more helpful when I was trying on dresses. They explained any alterations I could have if I wanted to, they gave suggestions about accessories and then even helped select a number of other dresses based on what they had found out about my personality and my style.

I actually ended up choosing the first dress I tried on (having tried on about 4 altogether), although it was a close call between three dresses. However, the first dress really was the one. It was the one I didn’t want to take off and just fell in love with (although I’m not going to say much more as my fiancĂ© reads these posts and I don’t want to give anything away!), especially after I was told I could make the alterations to it that I wanted. I fell in love with it even more when a veil was added!

If you are a bride to be, always ask lots of questions! You might have fallen in love with a dress but want to make alterations but are not sure if you can or you have questions about different aspects of the dress. You might even have worries that you need help with! I know I was worried that I would keep falling over the dress but Paige and Melanie assured me that adding a hoop would make it so much easier and it did!

I can’t thank the ladies at Truly Bridal of Surrey enough. They were so helpful from the second I walked into the shop. It was a magical experience trying on dresses here and nothing was too much trouble. I even went back to get measured for my dress a week later (after making some alteration changes) and was able to try on and stand and have a look at my amazing dress again!

When I chose the dress I was even given prosecco and a goodie bag to go away with! It was the perfect bridal experience and I cannot wait to go back and pick up my dress. Not only because I love the dress but I can’t wait to get to visit the shop again!

My wedding dress experience has been amazing and I can’t wait to share the dress and designer I chose with you after the wedding. Until then, if you are a bride to be, I would 100% recommend paying a visit to Truly Bridal of Surrey. They have the most beautiful selection of dresses from a range of amazing designers and will make the experience truly special for you.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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