A Super Easy Casual Spring Outfit

Spring seems to finally have sprung and that means it’s time to ditch the jumpers and heavy clothing and get out all the light layers and pastel colours! As someone who tends to live in monochrome I do tend to find fashion at this time of year a little tricky, which is why I’m sharing my super easy casual spring outfit with you!

If you aren’t the type of person that loves a floaty dress or loads of floral patterns then I’ve got you covered. My super easy spring outfit is complied of a cute basic crop, a light denim pair of jeans, a pair of pumps and some sunglasses to finish the look!

I devised this look (let’s be honest it’s not revolutionary) because I wanted an outfit that would still keep me warm on the cooler spring days, but something that was also a little lighter and spring like in colour.

Personally, I find skinny jeans to be the most flattering on me and the jeans I feel most comfortable in. I always tend to reach for high waisted jeans as well. The jeans I’m wearing here are Topshop Jamie Jeans, who do some of the best jeans on the market! Topshop have such a vast range of styles, colours and cuts to suit all shoppers. I love these light blue denim jeans, they are definitely my favourite jeans. I feel these jeans really give off a casual spring vibe because the raw hem and light washed colour.

The crop top i’m wearing in this is such a cute basic. It tucks into the jeans easily and flatters your top half. To add a touch of pattern to this outfit I went with a top that has horizontal stripes in blue and white colours to compliment the jeans. Also, I find the sleeves on this top to be super comfortable as they are cut to such a perfect length. Again this top is from Topshop.

Now onto the shoes. For a casual outfit you definitely want to be in casual comfy shoes. My Vans are the shoes I reach for the most during the spring months because they lighten up every outfit and are so so comfortable! They are also slide on so no faffing about with laces etc!

To finish off the outfit I obviously needed some sunglasses. I opted for my favourite gold and white sunnies from Accessorize. I love Accessorize sunglasses as they are fashionable, have a range of styles and are super affordable! They really added the finishing touch to my super casual spring outfit!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

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