Get Race Day Ready: The Ascot Outfit

The races are in full flow and that means posh outfits. Posh outfits isn’t something I have a whole lot of and having never been to the races before I was a little out of my depth. However, I was invited to go to Ascot for one of my best friends hen do, so it was a no brainer! I needed to get race day ready and find the perfect Ascot outfit.

Having never been to the races before I wasn’t really sure of the racing etiquette other than that it is quite a post event. I was attending the May Race Day which has a slightly less rigid rule on clothing.

The main things I realised quite early on were that the posher you go the better, heels are always a must and a fascinator is always a great idea!

Although heels are a good idea my friend advised me (having been to the races before) that it’s better to wear chunky heels or wedges instead of stilettos if you don’t want to spend the day pulling your heels out of the grass. I have to say it was such a good tip as I wore wedges which not only were super comfortable all day but I could easily walk around on the different floorings.

The outfit I decided to go for was wide leg trousers with a camisole top complete with a fascinator. I went for this outfit as not only did I think it looked quite posh, but it was also comfortable, looked nice and would keep me warmer than if I wore a little dress.

It turns out the weather was very sporadic throughout the day I went so this outfit was perfect! The trousers I bought new from River Island and I am in love with them. They look cool, are a beautiful colour and have chic gold buttons to add detailing. As these trousers are quite a statement, I only needed a simple top to go with it so I went with a simple cream camisole in a floaty material from Warehouse.

As it was the races, I decided to wear a fascinator. Lots of people were wearing them in a variety of different sizes, so you definitely wouldn’t look out of place in one, big or small! I opted for a medium sized fascinator and as I was finding it tricky to find one that matched my trousers I went for a cream one. I managed to find this pretty one for £10 on ASOS and for quite a cheap price I was pleasantly surprised, it fit nicely and the band didn’t rub. It also looked lovely! I finished off the look with a small round bag to add a touch of shape, which I think matched perfectly with this outfit.

I definitely think this is a good option for a race day outfit if you are after something posh, that will keep you warm and will look good! I felt super comfortable in this outfit all day and felt really good, I already want to wear the trousers again! You could also easily add a shall to this outfit for added warmth!

I would love to know what your race day outfit tips are – let me know in the comments!

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jordyn Amber x

P.S If you are after an accessory to match your race day outfit read this blog post.


    • jordynamber
      May 21, 2019 / 9:33 PM

      Aren’t they amazing? River Island do them in so many colours! Thank you so much x

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